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I use the latest evidence based procedures from cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy so everything that we do has been tried and tested


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Meet Kristoffer

Qualified Hypnotherapist with the highest and most respected qualification you can acquire the full HPD,

I am fully insured via the NCH (National council for Hypnotherapy) which means I adhere to all the guidelines that are required to be a competent hypnotherapist. Please feel free to contact me for a free initial consultation so we can discuss what protocols would be most effective for you.

Hypnotherapy is completely safe and proven to work effectively with a multitude of symptoms; In fact many different types of therapies use techniques from hypnosis without actually realising it.

The great thing about hypnosis is that most people straight from the initial session get to experience things and notice changes instantly; although not to be confused with a miracle cure through repeat exposure hypnosis can make the process of change easier.

When you experience hypnosis the images that we create in our mind enhance and feel more real as you feel more emotionally connected to those experiences, you see your mind cannot completely differentiate between what is real and what is imagined, that’s why we can imagine something were scared of or something that makes us laugh and you begin to feel those emotions again.

During hypnosis the part of our brain responsible for our actions and awareness’s becomes dormant and you’re able to accept positive suggestions that before you would disregard.

Past experiences don’t have to hold you back now and that’s all we are a mixture of experiences and through the application of hypnosis you can let go of those old behaviours and integrate better ones.

What can I HELP you with?

Hypnosis has been proven to work very effectively with all the conditions listed below

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What is Hypnosis & Misconceptions?

Hypnosis isn’t a mystical trance state which you have been lead to believe or can even really be pinpointed as a specific state. It can be argued that we are never in the same state twice so how can we define something which is not consistent each time we access it? …read more
So is hypnosis a state in which your asleep? It couldn’t be any further from that. During hypnosis, which is not something that happens to you but something that you make happen, you’re more engaged and more focused than usual,.. read more
Hell no! No one has ever been reported to be stuck in hypnosis! It may feel as though you’re so relaxed and feel so good that you don’t want to orient yourself back into the room or for some people this may have been the only time they felt they could kick back and have taken full advantage of the occasion… read more
All hypnosis is self-hypnosis in that at any point you decide you want to refuse a suggestion it will not be made true for you. No one can make you do anything that you don’t want to do… read more

What Are People Saying

I was a bit skeptical at first but Kris made me feel really comfortable and answered all of my questions. I can honestly say that having hypnotherapy has changed my life, I feel so much more calm and think so much more clearly now. I now know that i have something that I can use whenever I need it and that is such a relief.


After having major knocks to my confidence and self esteem I decided that I finally needed help. Hypnotherapy was an instant attraction as I had previously tried other conventional methods and wanted to try something new. I can honestly say after having only one session With Kris I instantly felt more relaxed and self-assured. I subsequently booked more and the change has been apparent by everyone around me and in regards to myself I now know what I’m willing to accept in my life and I’m completely non doubting or questioning any of my decisions. Having a technique in order to deal with my daily mental struggles and speaking being able to talk to someone who is able to lift my own outlook make me feel empowered and has been once of the best self improving decisions I have made


Finally I want to just to leave you with this advice “certainty is the enemy of growth”. In order for you to improve in any area of your life, there needs to be some point where you let go and walk though that cloud of doubt into the unknown. Think back to the first time you rode a bike, you wasn’t sure if you was going to be stable. You knew there was a possibility you could fall off but you got on and you made progress . So please if you get anything from my site then take this advice, make a commitment to actually doing something for yourself to improve and conquer those insecurities. You wouldn’t be reading this if you was completely happy with whatever situation your dealing with.

I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing from you.

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Treatment Plans & Prices

  • Each one hour session is £40
  • Five sessions payed for in advance is £150 (£30 per session)
  • Student discount is £20 a session

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Have Some Questions?

Of course! anything that has been said between us, stays between us

Everyone can be hypnotised so no need to worry about that. It used to be believed that only a fifth of the population could be hypnotised but it has been proven that anyone can be and il show you how

3-5 sessions are generally all that is required depending upon the complexity of the issue

I only use techniques that are evidence based, I do not delve into anything mystical or paranormal.

I demystify any misconceptions and teach you self hypnosis so that you have the tools to be able to continually help yourself, that alone is worth working with me as you’ll have a skill you can always take with you